Assisted Living & Memory Support

• 27 Assisted Living Apartments

• 25 Memory Care Apartments

In response to the increasingly diverse market demands, Webster at Rye asked EGA to help revitalize their existing campus with a master plan including new licensed healthcare, assisted living, and memory care additions. The three new additions maintain connection to the original campus buildings and include; a one story 26 bed healthcare wing, a two story building including 27 assisted living apartments and 25 memory care rooms, and a one story activity center.

The Assisted Living and Memory Care portion was completed first and added approximately 54,000sf to the current campus. Ample parking for residents, staff, and visitors is distributed throughout the site while still retaining the existing walking trails popular among the residents.

Webster at Rye was designed using exterior materials and building forms that complement the residential character of the adjacent neighborhoods. Exterior articulation is defined by a collection of simple joined residential style houses integrating sloped roofs, gables and hip roof ends, and dormers. The use of covered porches and trellis enhance the human scale of the exterior while offering practical protection from the weather. Exterior cladding materials are a mix of lap siding, shingle siding, simple exterior trims, double hung windows, and asphalt roof shingles that complement the existing building.