Every project requires a great deal of skill, expertise and collaboration. EGA has the knowledge, experience and range of services to help bring your project to fruition.


Master Planning

From small to large, single phase to complicated, multi-phase projects (including existing buildings), EGA can provide expertise in imagining the future of any project.

Site Analysis

All manner of constraints limit the usability of sites, from wetlands to ledge, utility easements to steep slopes. Evaluating these and maximizing views and other opportunities are critical to a successful project.


Taking a project concept and turning that into a completed building requires knowledge of space planning and utilization. Programming sets the benchmarks for the project as it proceeds through design to occupancy.

Community and Agency Approvals

EGA has years of experience and success navigating through the various layers of approvals necessary to complete each project, including local, state and federal agencies.

Architectural Design

EGA prides itself on maximizing every project through careful adherence to design goals and budgets. EGA has a track record of awards to show for years of continuing design excellence and a proven history of meeting owner’s needs and budgets.

Coordination of Engineering Services

Nothing causes more problems for a project than ducts that don’t fit or systems that the owner can’t maintain. EGA uses the latest BIM technology to avoid unexpected problems during design and construction and understands that ‘tried and true’ building systems are often that way for a reason.

Construction Administration

Timely and thorough review of ‘shop drawings’ and product submittals, regular site visits, and a collaborative relationship with builders and their sub‐contractors means projects are constructed on schedule and with few headaches.

Building Envelope Analysis

Owners and building codes are asking more from buildings than ever before, recognizing the advantages of energy savings and the long term problems caused by air leaks and moisture problems. EGA has the tools to evaluate building envelope options to maximize quality and cost benefit.


Nothing provides the descriptive or emotional punch to a project like a beautiful rendering. EGA can provide the latest in photo‐realistic computer renderings or the soft classic quality of a watercolor to suit any project’s needs.