Independent Living
84 Acres

• 78 Independent Apartments
• 16 Independent Cottages

In 1925 N. Woodburn Nichols, a Haverhill clothier, had the foresight to set aside monies to provide affordable housing for the elderly residents first in Groveland, second in West Newbury, third in Georgetown and fourth in Haverhill, MA.

Through excellent fiscal management the Nichols Trust has grown to where the first stages of a new retirement community were constructed on an eighty-four acre site overlooking the Merrimack River in Groveland, Massachusetts. The major view from the project is toward the river and the majority of the units have this view. The architectural style for the project is shingle style which blends well with Groveland’s domestic architecture.

The project includes seventy-eight congregate independent units and sixteen cottages. Through master planning the trust has secured enough land so that the Nichols Trust Board will be able to meet the growing needs of their constituents by adding additional program types including assisted living and memory care.