Life Plan Community

• Commons expansion and reorganization

Hunt Community has been providing excellent care for seniors on this campus for more than 100 years.  Like many projects of this kind the campus was expanded and modified over the years without an overriding master plan – sometimes you can’t plan for the kind of changes this industry has seen.

EGA was brought in to help reorganize and improve the identity, while improving the amenity offerings, of a sprawling campus in the heart of Nashua, NH.  The primary challenge was an unsatisfying front door and a commons that was distributed almost randomly across multiple floors and buildings.

The result is a dramatically improved and logical suite of amenities.  The primary additions are: a two story atrium space that connects commons elements on two floor while also bringing significant natural light into a previously dark area of the building and also access to a elaborate courtyard in the heart of the campus; expanded dining, dedicated theater and rooftop terrace.  In addition to the improved indoor offerings these two elements significantly expand the outdoor spaces available to residents.

All of the work was completed in a fully occupied building, phased with care through careful coordination with the owner and the contractor.