103 Private Long Term Care Beds arranged in 8 Households
85,650 sq ft

Long Term Care, Households

Proposed as a replacement for the aging county nursing home in Ossipee, New Hampshire, Mountain View Community was designed using the ‘household’ model of long term care. The 103 all private bed facility is divided into eight distinct ‘households’ each with their own common spaces, including kitchen, dining and living/activity room, with staff and service areas serving two of those households each. Each of the private rooms has its own bath and is a short distance from all of the household amenities. Two private, enclosed gardens on the ground floor serve two of the neighborhoods.

The facility provides additional space for greater community uses, and also supplies food service to the nearby county correctional facility on the same campus. Significant effort has been made to provide for a high level of energy efficiency within the constraints of the budget of a public institution.